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Ensuring a just transition in the energy sector: The role of the Just Transition Mechanism

Friday, 29 May 2020


Anna Wagner
Deputy Head of Unit, Policy Development & Economic Analysis, DG REGIO
Hubert Strauss
Lead Economist Projects Directorate – Regional Development Division, European Investment Bank
Jerzy Buzek
Member of the European Parliament
Leszek Jesień
Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEEP
Radu Dudau
Co-founder and Director, Energy Policy Group


Sofia López Piqueres
Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre

As discussions on recovery strategies from the coronavirus crisis intensify, now is the time to ensure that the measures taken will lead to a sustainable and climate-neutral economy, while providing regions and sectors with the support they need in the transition. The COVID-19 crisis with its economic repercussions also casts a new light on the European Commission’s proposal for a Just Transition Mechanism (JTM), and the Just Transition Fund, which have been promoted as instruments to assist those regions and sectors that are most affected by the energy transition. With the economic slowdown and re-opening of the multi-annual financial framework shaking up the original plans, this Policy Dialogue will discuss the role of JTM, and especially the Just Transition Fund, in facilitating the transition to a climate-neutral economy that leaves no one behind
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