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Head of Social Europe and Well-Being Programme and Senior Policy Analyst
European social model(s), employment and social policies, mobility of EU workers, EU health policies & health systems, EU governance, EU cohesion policy, industrial policy, and the EU budget

Policy Analyst
Health & healthcare, CHES - Coalition for Health, Ethics and Society, Social dimension of EU policies


Health & healthcare / POLICY BRIEF
What role for health in the new Commission?
By Simona Guagliardo - 04/02/2020
Health & healthcare / POLICY BRIEF
Integrating is caring: A paradigm shift in health
By Connecting Europe Claire Dhéret , Simona Guagliardo - 19/02/2019
Health & healthcare / POLICY BRIEF
Addressing the crisis of tomorrow: the sustainability of European health systems
By Social Europe & Well-being Annika Hedberg , Philip Hines - 21/09/2016
Health & healthcare / POLICY BRIEF
Promoting health - should the EU have a role?
By Social Europe & Well-being Annika Hedberg - 14/06/2011


Digitalisation / PUBLICATION
Unpacking the EU’s plan on dig
The publication contributes to the debate on the transformation of health and care in the European Digital Single Market. It focuses on the need to develop a comprehensive approach that takes into account data protection and security, the development of digital infrastructures, and the need for education and trust.

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